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.8-B.  Lori Has Hives

.8-B. Lori Has Hives

Lori Dyck


Lori is a wild flower who has lived in all parts of Canada finally settling down at Blaine Lake, SK.  After her extensive dabbling in the culinary arts as a Red Seal Chef in the Okanagan she decided to bring her experience her to live out her lifelong dream of living on a farm.  Queen Bee of her small adventure in bee keeping, cooking, baking using local ingredients she brings pure honey, bread from freshly ground wheat, recycled wool sweater mitts, homemade soaps and her self-inspired paintings.  Stop and smell the goodness that Saskatchewan Prairies has to offer

Located 3.2 km south of Marcelin on Hwy 40 & 3.6 km west on grid #454, enter at Texas gate.